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GateInn is SaaS (Software as a Service)based Enterprise Facility Management System. It automates the facility operations of your Apartment/ Row House/ Farm House/ Factory brings all member including customers, facility team and management on single platform.

Visitor Statistics

At security gate or at front-desk, always takes info from visitor before entering into society/building and app will automatically notifies respective owner about this instantly. Owner can get access of their visitors list with detail via this App.

Maintanance Management

GateInn allows management to smartly manage their inwards and outwards. For regular maintenance, festival fund, payroll to society/building workers, electricity bill, water bill, property tax bill, municipality taxes and any other type of inwards or outwards - GateInn provides you simple solution. GateInn smartly manages individual wing expenses and whole society expenses all together. And any member of society can view maintenance related activity by single click at any time.

Member Benefits

Apart from visitors notification and statistics, member can easily know about who lives in their around via GateInn App and makes community more alive and active. They can view maintenance related any information at anytime without asking anyone. Also it helps to make society parking facility simple so if someone wrongly parked then easily can notify them instantly via GateInn App.

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Accounting & Reports

Smart accounting system make your accounts management simple and easy. It generate financial and accounting statement just in one click from anywhere at anytime. Get real-time reports and notify occupant about their dues and send them notification for the same.

Visitors Management

Replace conventional Visitor Entry Book with Digital Solution for Visitor Management.The Gatekeeper can easily register every visitor. and Member receive a notification on their mobile devices every time their visitor check-in.

Smart Notifications

Get all the society related important updates via notifications with in this app without any third party control.

Member & Tenant Management

Easy to access members & tenants information and manage things for internal use of society.

Online Society Accounting

Any person in society can view inwards and outwards of their wing and society's all the transactions so they know where and how management is utilising money.

Income & Expense Management

Anyone can keep track of society's Income & Expense separately for maintenance, festival funds or any type plus their own payment history with type of payment in detailed way at any time.

Vehicle Managment

Members can update their vehicle anytime. For better parking facility, they can see whose vehicle parked mistakenly elsewhere as well.

Notice Boards

President can flash notices through Notification to whole community, specific wing or to a single occupant. By this way everyone will be up to date what is happening in society.

Member Directory

Reach out & interact with society members from anywhere in a secured environment.

Committee Members Panel

According to different level of Committee, committee member can manage their panel dynamically whenever they want easily.

Connect GateInn app to make your society Safe, Happy, Fun and get all the Necessary tools.
Welcome your Guests with Warmness, Bid GoodBye to Trespassers.
Track your society's Income & Expenses. Anytime. Anywhere.
Your Society Our Priority.

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